We are a professional French polishing company that are trained in both traditional French polishing techniques, and the modern alternatives.


We can carry out complete refurbishments and also projects from bare wood. Finishes to wooden panelling, flooring, furniture.

Our experienced team can revive and refresh with skilled restoration techniques.

Some of the companies work: Traditional Hand-finished French Polishing, Colour Matching, Furniture Restoration/Renovation.

Oiling and Hard Waxing,

Fine detailed work and Decortive finishes, Modern Lacquer finishes (polyurethane and water based).

Floor Sanding and Polishing. Repairs and Surfacing to Wooden traditional and modern Kitchens, Doors, Tables, Staircases and Handrails. White Heat Mark removal (where the heat from heat source such as a cup). Water and Heat Damage Removal.

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